IrfanView 64-bit version

Starting with IrfanView 4.40 there is also a 64-bit version available.

Advantages of IrfanView 64-bit over 32-bit version:
Advantages of IrfanView 32-bit over 64-bit version:


:Available 64-bit downloads

download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.44, Self extracting EXE file, 3.24 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: 38c9ac7b8c7c4342ecabd139e5ca4e9bd9460f0b541c00dfcd3e9d76cc125888)
download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.44, ZIP file, 2.80 MB)

(SHA-256 checksum: 7608b879056b74a3c74e054fb9340eac6eac1367a6b02049b31079bec83f7bd1)

download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.44, EXE-Installer, 3.50 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: dbd177c39d1200d81767e460e113c9086fd0a30ade3d7f528dcc2de13a6b2fb3)
download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.44, ZIP file, 3.06 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: 8f02a73d7cd8ef6553106e80b2455d2e64570ce4d48aaf314758e33a8dfaf54b)

download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.44, EXE-Installer, 25.00 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: d7bdbbc59233fdc70fddac3b3dae79669fea7fefa58c97d4b2131426b4c7c355)
download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.44, ZIP file, 22.70 MB)

(SHA-256 checksum: 5ff7c0e58a1ede9e3cb91dff3eb02319585f72e530c1caa2ffe4587c3ca2bb80)

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