IrfanView 64-bit version

Starting with IrfanView 4.40 there is also a 64-bit version available.

Advantages of IrfanView 64-bit over 32-bit version:
Advantages of IrfanView 32-bit over 64-bit version:


:Available 64-bit downloads

download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.42, Self extracting EXE file, 3.21 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: 15c4cc272a6d1397a3788192a5c640cbe772c3991180dde3a0af846dc9dd3a9d)
download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.42, ZIP file, 2.77 MB)

(SHA-256 checksum: 6ea51fdf8088be0dec933caae171059f3836363cb960fa10d4ebb420ea73bf80)

download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.42, EXE-Installer, 3.46 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: 2dd6ffed54965c84ba8a9000ca06e7fda112d6df05d74ccdbff3b4d374bf4db6)
download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.42, ZIP file, 3.03 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: fbf963fba22e72ceceee2188d26c96514e4e114192320494e01d5f0445863598)

download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.42, EXE-Installer, 25.10 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: 35cbcede45773e324d203fb7d72789570e9460ba4ef50d282084ab00b2332f21)
download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.42, ZIP file, 22.80 MB)

(SHA-256 checksum: cae3e52c33ebe747e2a56cf9c062a90a887f486ed2cc2d5f0529d4784bc85df4)

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