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INI_Folder=folder in section [Others].


INI_Folder=C:\TEMP, or

INI_Folder=%TEMP%, or

INI_Folder=%APPDATA%\IrfanView, or




DefaultLang=dll-name in section [Language].

Voorbeeld voor Duits:

DefaultLang=deutsch.dll in section [Language].


iview420_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\test folder\irfanview"

iview420_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\test folder\irfanview" /desktop=1 /thumbs=1 /group=1 /allusers=0 /assoc=1 /ini="%APPDATA%\irfanview"

iview420_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\test folder\irfanview" /ini="c:\temp"


folder:     destination folder; if not indicated: old IrfanView folder is used, if not found, the "Program Files" folder is used

desktop:  create desktop shortcut; 0 = no, 1 = yes (default: 0)

thumbs:   create desktop shortcut for thumbnails; 0 = no, 1 = yes (default: 0)

group:     create group in Start Menu; 0 = no, 1 = yes (default: 0)

allusers:  desktop/group links are for all users; 0 = current user, 1 = all users

assoc:     if used, set file associations; 0 = none, 1 = images only, 2 = select all (default: 0)

assocallusers:  if used, set associations for all users (Windows XP only)

ini:      if used, set custom INI file folder (system environment variables are allowed)

2) PlugIns:

irfanview_plugins_420_setup.exe /silent

irfanview_plugins_441_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\program files (x86)\irfanview"

irfanview_plugins_x64_441_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\program files\irfanview"

3) Uninstall:

iv_uninstall.exe /silent



Admin_Flag = value

(which will be used instead of the normal "Flag" value)

2) Disable deleting of single files:


Admin_EnableDelete = 0 or 1

(1 means: deleting enabled (default); 0 means: deleting disabled)

3) Disable file browsing:


Admin_ViewAll= 0 or 1

(which will be used instead of the normal "ViewAll" value from: properties->browsing->view all files)



Admin_SaveFormats = extension|extension|

Example for 2 formats:

Admin_SaveFormats = BMP|JPG|

NOTE: you can do that also in the local INI file (if the Admin option is not used), just use:


SaveFormats = extension|extension|

NOTE: If you leave the value text


(no extensions), there save dialogs won't be used at all, so you can

disable File->Save menus


Just write:

SaveFormats = |

or Admin_SaveFormats = |





Name=your license name

Code=your code